Using Social Media for Course Design

Guess what! Today I am doing more professional development. I am supposed to share two ideas that I have for using social media for teaching or course design.

Idea 1:  I learned about List.Ly and I think I love it. I made a list quickly. I will be able to use this tool for sharing lists. I can create lists of articles, websites, and more. I am always finding materials online that I need to share with my students. Here is the list I made for free online meeting rooms. This will come in handy for the group projects that I assign for class. Normally, I would make the list private. However, since I am practicing, I will share this one. I am still trying to figure out how may lists I can make for free.  I think it is 3.

Idea 2: I like for my class chats to be interactive. I don’t like it when I am presenting and I don’t get a response. I think is an excellent way to remedy this situation. I can post questions and materials on the Padlet and have students respond. I can also have students to share their questions on a Padlet during chats. I like the way Padlet can be used for crowdsourcing resources. Most importantly, the results can be saved and distributed. I will be using Padlet during my chats within the next week.

That’s it for now.

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